Thursday, February 21, 2013

Module 1: Ipads

For our first Module in my technology class, we learned how to implement Ipads into our teaching. My lesson plan to teach a basic music lesson is here:

And here is my reflection. Enjoy!

For my first time teaching, I believe I did very well. I was able to effectively use an Ipad to teach my lesson, even though I'd never had one before. I was even able to engage the students with some music and then the learning material. I even had a nice little quiz, along with words of encouragement and praise while the students were trying to determine which notes were on the musical staff. My lesson may not have been extremely long, but it really hit home all of the information, and my students did learn, as demonstrated by how well they did on the quiz. I thought I was happy and engaging, so I believe for my first time as a teacher, I'd give myself a 4/5.

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