Saturday, March 23, 2013

Differentiated Instruction: Helping Every Child Succeed Review

This video focuses on Connie Erikson, the founding principal of Mesquite Elementary in Arizona. When her school first started, the state test scores were devastating. The students were only in the 39% in math. That is definitely below average! Everyone began to collaborate and implement a new system. If students didn't master something, there was time set aside in the day to help the student achieve mastery! After collaboration between teachers and administrators  the students' math scores soared, and the school became a school of excellence.

I found this interesting. Schools need more collaboration. Sometimes only higher ups in the administration do it all, but teachers need in as well. Also, I support the idea of setting time aside in the day for review to gain mastery. Some people do not gain things right away, and with this perhaps after school tutoring would not be needed :)

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