Saturday, March 23, 2013

Multiple Intelligences Leave No Child Behind Review

This focused on the Key Learning Community in Indiana. It's a k-12 school that focuses on multiple intelligences, where one can be strong in 3 areas but not in the other 5. Elective periods are ways for students to play for their strengths, for example, if they are very good in music, they can have a music elective period for that intelligence strength. If you learn your strengths early,  you'll have better success in the future. Grades are based on a symbol system as well. They believe the testing is absurd and that test scores aren't everything if students are to have creativity and play to their strengths.

I definitely agree with needing to play to people's strengths. I do believe that's worked for me. If I am very good at history, I take the honors and AP class instead of the basic or CP class. However, you do need tests to see where a student is, though regular tests like state tests may not always be the way a child displays their mastery of content best. Performance based assessment, portfolios, or even observational grading can work out better.

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