Wednesday, March 6, 2013

High School Child Care Review

This time I watch a video pertaining to high school child care at the Deer Park Teaching and Learning Center in Illinois. High school students are learning about child development by teaching lessons to the children here. The high school students get to try their hand at childcare while taking any of seven child development classes offered at the center. All this, just because the high school teachers wanted childcare for their children! The high school students have class 1 day a week while working with the children for 3 days a week to get experience and apply their learned theories.

I find this entire operation here a great opportunity! I've always wanted to teach, but did not really find out it would be younger children until the summer before my 2nd year in college when I worked at my church's daycare. If I had been able to do this in high school, I would have known sooner and could have better prepared for the path I wanted to take. I highly suggest that if you have an opportunity like this, take it! 


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